samedi 6 juillet 2013

June Favorites !

Hey guys !
I'm back with my June Favorites !
So here's the few things i've been loving this past month :)


Since the beginning of the month the heat went up like craazy here in Vancouver so i had to buy a after Sun. I went to Walmart and got the Hawaiian Tropic After Sun and i freaking love it ! There's not a day i don't use it. First, it smells like Lime Colada. I literally want to lick myself after putting this on. I really feel that it helps my tan to stay longer, and it's really moisturizing too.

The last time i went to the Body Shop i grab the Brazil nut scrub because Essie Button mentioned in one of her videos so of course i had to get it. I've been using it every other day, and i absolutely love it. I actually have been using it on my face, at the beginning i was afraid that i was going to break out, but i didn't (which is really awesome because i break out very easily). I've seen a huge difference since i'm using it, my skin is smoother, and i actually break out less than before.


I've been trying The False Lash Flutter mascara from l'Oréal for the past month and it's definitely became a favorite. It gets all the lashes perfectly separated and it lengthens them amazingly. I haven't been using it on its own i have to say, because i does not curl the lashes that much.
Plumful by MAC is probably my top favorite. I wore it almost everyday in day. It has become my go-to lipstick, it's always the one i go for when i don't really know which lipstick i want to put on. It's the perfect pinky shade, not too bright but still very noticeable.


Here's my favorite song of the month !
I absolutely adore Mumford & Sons, i worship them.
I had the chance to see them in Vancouver at the end of May and it was the best concert of my life!
They're incredible on stage.
I will wait is not my absolute favorite song if theirs, but i have to say it's the one i've been listening to the most mostly because it's on the radio non-stop. I still really love that song, it always makes me feel happy and relax.
Do you guys know and like Mumford & Sons ?

I Will Wait - Mumford & Sons

I hope you guys are having a wonderful beginning of July.

See you soon with a new post !