lundi 15 juillet 2013

My Everyday Makeup Look !

Heyy guys !
Today i'm gonna share with you my everyday makeup look ! 
Lately i've been trying some other looks (wearing less makeup) but this is still the look i go for most of the time.

                                   BEFORE                                                                  AFTER

The idea for this look is to accentuate the eyes and keep the lips pretty simple.

I primed my eyelids with the Nars primer which is by far my favorite.
Then for the eyes i used my revlon illumiance Skinlights creme eyeshadows. It's a perfect palette if, like myself, you're looking for a neutral eye look!

Then i did a winged line for my eyes with my master duo from Maybelline. I keep the line quite thin because i want the result to be as natural as possibl.
For the mascara i use a new one which already has my heart: the new Revlon Lash Potion mascara. I applied it on my top lashes but not on my bottom ones, to open up my eyes a bit more.
Tell me guys if you'd like a full review on that mascara !

Then onto the lips ! For that look, i only put on thing on my lips: the Nars lipgloss 'Stella'. First i was drawn to this lipgloss because of the name (name that i love) and i absolutely love the color. I think it's a perfect everyday shade, it's a deep pink, quite the same color as my natural lips actually. But it adds a glossy finish that completes the look perfectly.

Here's somme close ups for y'all :)
And here's the final look !

Hope you enjoyed my everyday makeup look !
Wish you all an amazing day