dimanche 23 juin 2013

Drugstore Lipstick Haul !

Hey guys !
My first post is going to be a Haul !
I've been living in Vancouver for a couple of months now and i had the chance to buy a few pieces that I really wanted to buy for a long time and that we don't have in Paris.
I'm really excited to share with you these lipsticks that i've been loving.

The first one is a Rimmel lipstick from the Kate Moss serie and it's the shade 103.
I'd say it's a nude pinky color. I've been liking it on a daily basis, it's very natural and stays on the lips pretty well. The only thing i'm not crazy about is the smell - it has a strong smell of soap, in a weird way.
But over all, i'm pretty satisfied with this one !

Being crazy about makeup, i've heard sooo much about the Revlon Lip butters. Unfortunately, we don't have those in Paris. When i finally got the chance to buy some, I was literrally dancing out of joy.
I got two, the first one is the shade 050 'Berry Smoothie' and i absolutely love it. The consistency is really creamy and it aplies very well on the lips. However, it is pretty glossy so if you like more a mat finish, maybe this one is not the best for you.

The second one i brought is one of the most popular i think.
It's the shade 015 'Tutti Frutti' which is a perfect orange color. It's more mat than the other. The good thing with that one is that you can really build it up. The finish can be quite sheer, or more 'in your face', if you add a few cots.

 Then i went to the Maybelline section and ho my !
The first thing i got was one of the Vivid Lipstick. It's the shade 885 'Vibrant Mandarin'. I'm not really used to putting such bright color on my lips, but this one is so gorgeous that i couldn't resist. It's definitely a 'In your face' color! It's a redish orange. I think it looks amazing on tan skin. You can still build it up, and if you don't want such a bright color, you can always just pad the lipstick on your lips with your fingers.

The second one i got from the Vivid collection is 'Shocking Coral' which is -as the name says-, a pretty coral color. I think more like a pinky coral than a orange coral. This one is also very bright. I'm not sure yet, but i may like this one better, because i think it may suit my skin tone the best. Both consistency is creamy and it aplies well. This only thing is that since it's very bright colors, you kinda have to reaply it quite often because it tends to fade away after a few hours. I would recommend those two color if you're looking for bright fun lipstick not too expensive for the summer !

 The last Maybelline lipstick i brought is from the 'Whisper' collection in the shade 'Berry ready'.
It's a gorgeous plum color quite bright actually. It's definitely not a sheer finish. I just feel that it brings out the flaws of my face (redness...) more than other lipsticks. But if your skin is naturally flawless, this may be the perfect one for you !

The last lipstick from my Haul is a L'Oréal one.
It's from the Caresse collection in the shade 301 'Dating Coral'.
It is quite similar to the Tutti frutti lip butter but i would say that this one is a bit more sheer and less glossy. I reckon it's an awesome everyday color, especially for the summer.

Have you guys tried one of these lipsticks ? If so i'd love to hear what you think of it :)
I hope you're all having a fantastic day and i'll see you later with another post !